Why you should do yoga


A mystery for some, a physical activity for others, a lifestyle for a few. In brief, it’s up to you. That’s what I love with yoga: you can approach it the way you like it. In any case, that’s a time to take for yourself, a time to breathe (but not exclusively!), a time to empty your mind (without necessarily achieving the nirvana 😉 ) and a time to enjoy, simply.

Nowadays, we are more and more looking for a way to have a minute to ourselves and practicing yoga (like any physical activity) allows you to rest (not Netflix and chill, c’mon guys). Of course, it’s not always easy to have the time to read a book, paint your nails, or call What’s-his-name. We are constantly short of time, but in fact, we should not wait for that time to come to us and TAKE it.

A yoga class is perfect to find yourself again, but also to meet new people and change your world a little. You disconnect for an hour or two and you breathe, you breathe (“Inhale… Exhale…”). By the way, there is in fact a field in yoga called Pranayama, which focuses only on breathing techniques and the most awakened yogis can perform astonishing respiratory prowess (it sounds weird but I swear!): for instance, they can control their heart rate or breathe with only one nostril (wait, what??)! Breathing is essential when doing asanas (=postures) and it helps better controlling your body when you have to hold some postures for a long time (my teacher had to stay 20 minutes in Sirsasana during his training!!). For me, it’s often the simplest postures at first glance that end up being the most difficult ones to hold while breathing zenly, that’s a perpetual work.


You can also meditate (before doing some postures or just for 10 minutes when you wake up for instance) and place yourself in the present moment, in the now, which often eludes us, but which is so comfortable. Meditating is not easy, and like with postures, it’s better to start with a teacher (or maybe with online classes, YouTube has tons of them!) to start well and have a nice first session. Sometimes, it goes smoothly and you really feel relaxed and calm; other times, it’s impossible to enter in meditation mode and you can’t stop thinking… (“Did I turn off the coffee maker this morning? Damn, I forgot to pick up the cat at the vet! At what time do the kids finish school again? “). In this last scenario, you need to breathe deeply and move on, and just remember that tomorrow is another day 😉 .


For me, yoga is also the time where I can enjoy being on my terrace if it’s sunny, cuddling with my cat if he feels like coming on my mat, just for fun as if I were still 10 years old, cartwheeling on the beach, and PUT THINGS INTO PERSPECTIVE. The main principle for a zen-ish life!




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Purvottanasana or Upward Plank pose 💜 Here is a variation of this pose, with one knee up. You can also cross or bend your legs. Starting in Dandasana (Staff pose), press your hands into the ground next to your hips and lift your 🍑 and hips, while roaring externally your shoulders. Hold for 3 to 5 breaths and come back into Dandasana and fold forward to release the tensions 😉👊 Taking some time on my mat was perfect today 💚 #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #yogaaddict #yogastrong #yogafit #yogapractice #yogagirl #yogajourney #yogalove #namaste #igyoga #igyogafam #instayoga #yogainspiration #worldyoga #purvottanasana #upwardplank #plankpose #dandasana #yoga #letsstartyoga #dreamandlove #beunique

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    1. Hi Tahnee! Sorry for the late reply, never thought my article would get any attention but hey 🙂 I’m pretty sure you can do yoga, at least to some extent. The best would be to go to a class and tell the teacher about your condition so that he/she can help you to the best of his/her ability. Just fyi, I took a class one day with an lady who was around 85 years old. She’d walk with a cane, but was a totally different mover in yoga class! The power fo the mind I guess 😉

  1. I enjoyed reading this article! So true that sometimes it’s difficult to get my mind in meditation mode, but always making the time is part of the work;)

    1. Thank you Lisa!! Yes, sometimes I guess the mind needs to do its own stuff to then be able to calm down and rest 🙂

  2. I also love yoga. All that deep breathing is really good for you and really helps to calm you down. Yoga also does wonders for your flexibility so it’s both body and soul practice. I can’t wait to do more yoga.

    1. You definitely should! Besides, if you want to add more fun, maybe you can try an acro yoga class and do partner work with your girlfriend 😉 I’m pretty she’d love that!

  3. I ensure to do 30 mins of yoga each day and I feel the difference from the days I don’t do. I had asthma and with Pranayama and other such breathing exercises, I got it cured to a large extent.

    1. Maybe you can try to do it outside, in a park or in your garden, or maybe go to a class once in a while, just to change the setting 🙂

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