Viva Las Vegas

« Got a whole lot of money that’s ready to burn, so get those stakes up higher » – Elvis

A lot of money indeed, I played, I think, 50 euros, cray-cray! …

Some time ago, with my boyfriend (I would give you his nickname nickname, but he will hold it against me), we did a little Las Vegas – San Diego – Los Angeles trip.

Our getaway got off to a bad start so here is my first tip: If you’re thinking about landing in Los Angeles (to leave from there) and then driving directly to Las Vegas is a cool idea: It’s a NO!

My second tip: Book a nice car, it will never be available and so you will havean upgrade. My blond being a car fan, a Mustang was suppose to wait for us on arrival, and in the end we had a Mercedes E-class cabriolet … Helloooo hair in the wind

So back to Los Angeles – Las Vegas, first, it lasts 4 hours and it’s a straight road! Let’s that after 11h of flight, a good jetlag and the night falling, it was the most rotten idea that one could have had.  We we’re almost falling asleep behind the wheel and almost stopped somewhere to spend the night, we finally arrived to Las Vegas, a big ball of light rising from the desert. (It’s a poetic, like the beginning The Lion King…).

Image 22-03-2017 à 11.24 (5).jpg

Let’s forward to the check-in in what will be my hotel tip: The Hard Rock Hotel. I have sent several people there since and they will agree for me. Located behind the famous Strip, and therefore cheaper, the most comfortable beds in my life, which I have nicknamed « the clouds », pools (yes, plural, it’s the USA) with music, feet in the sand, it’s the best for the average budget, and even though I had a big budget today I would definitely stay there again. Also, if your room is not ready at the right time, you’ll get a bigger one!

The rest after these few photos ->

Image 22-03-2017 à 11.24 (6)Image 22-03-2017 à 11.24 (3)Image 22-03-2017 à 11.24 (2)Image 22-03-2017 à 11.24

Las Vegas really is the city of all the clichés, apart from gambling, going out and shopping we quickly go round in circles, that’s why we wanted to start there to recover from our jetlag. Fortunately for us, there are also nice exhibitions and one that I couldn’t miss: TITANIC, The Artifact Exhibition. If you don’t know me, you must know that there are 2/3 subjects in life that obsess me: Michael Jackson (that was quite clear) and The Titanic (there are others but I’ll keep that for later). Not just the movie, even if it’s the best… Really, the whole story, the real one, about the ship.

I had already seen the exhibition in Paris, so it remains substantially the same, with the dishes, the personal objects recovered from the bottom of the sea etc., but the reconstructions are, in LV, much more convincing, since the space is permanent, and above all, you will be able to admire a TRUE big part of the ship, The Big Piece, took from the ocean a few years ago and in front of which I stayed glued for 10mn. It’s forbidden to touch or take pictures therefore I’ll post here an official photo from the exhibition.

Small tip: you can buy a ticket combo of two exhibitions, for us it was Bodies, and so we made two exhibits for an interesting price!

Image 22-03-2017 à 11.24 (1)Image 22-03-2017 à 11.24 (7)

Followed by a series of shopping in hotels, all of which are more or less impressive shopping malls, notable mention to the Wynn, which is absolutely superb!

Then a little tour of old Las Vegas, to visit the famous White Chapel where Elvis Presley got married, to be honest, it’s a super creepy neighborhood! A place where an episode of the CSI could easily happen, but still, go see it for the historical side, if one can describe it like that.

We ended our trip by Red Rock Canyon, a mini « Grand Canyon » … a Mini Canyon…, which will allow you to drive in the desert like in the movies (I even drove, I never do ….), good walking shoes and sports pants / shorts recommended if you do not want to slip with your flip flops and tear your holiday shorts apart… I will not name the person who inspired this advice … But it’s not me .. .

I leave you with a few pics and I’ll see you soon for the next stop on our journey : San Diego!

Image 22-03-2017 à 11.24 (8)Image 22-03-2017 à 11.24 (9)Image 22-03-2017 à 11.25Image 22-03-2017 à 11.25 (1)Image 22-03-2017 à 11.25 (2)Image 22-03-2017 à 11.25 (3)Image 22-03-2017 à 11.24 (4)Image 22-03-2017 à 11.25 (4)

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  1. I did a similar trip a long time ago. LA to Palm Springs to San Diego to Vegas (with a stop in Tijuana too). And yes driving all the way from LA to San Diego in one shot is not fun. That’s why you need to stop in Palm Springs and chill for a few days like we did. I really want to go back to these places as all of them are so much fun. Your trip looks like it was fun despite the tiredness and jet lag 🙂

  2. I have fraternity brothers and sorority sisters inviting me to join them in Vegas this Dec. I hope I could make it.

    You do know how to have fun in Las Vegas! Wouldn’t mind copying it. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  3. You kept the details to yourself adhering to « What happens in Vegas » stays in Vegas » .. kidding 😉
    Great info and lovely pics 😃👍🏻

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