Versailles : blast from the past

A look over my old blog posts.

I was watching the show Versailles the other day (how good is that show, right ?) and I realized that I hadn’t translated this article I made, shooting a look in the gardens.

So I decided to take a look at it, my very first article on my French version of the blog (well, actually, the first one was a welcome thing even lamer than this…). I just read it again for the first time since I posted it. And wow, I’m glad I have the tools now to make things way better.

Although I love the look, the pictures, and the place we took them, if I had to do it again now, it would be so different. By that I mean, the editing, the presentation, even the orders of the pics.

And what’s with the text? OMG it’s so short and not interesting… There are so many things I could have said about Versailles and I decided to talk about the jacket only, what a waste of such a magical place. But that’s good to go over this again, now I want to go back and do something that really brings out the best of Versailles.

And also: How did I manage to arrange my hair like this? I need to get my curling iron out of the closet.

It will be funny to go over my older articles from time to time.

Here is the original text from the article. I also left the pictures the way they were back then, although it was a torture forcing myself not to edit them again haha

A short walk through the gardens of Versailles, this is one of the many luxuries of the Parisian life. Living here sometimes makes it difficult to actually explore all that surrounds us, from time to time it is good to appreciate our luck.

I took advantage of the incredible landscape to release one of my favorites from Liu Jo collection, the reversible leopard jacket. Add to that, the magic of a good pair of jeans, the effectiveness of the boots and make your way into the footsteps of the Kings from the past.

versailles liu jo armani 2versailles liu jo armani 3versailles liu jo armani 4versailles liu jo armani 5versailles liu jo armani 7versailles liu jo armani 6versailles liu jo armani 1

Jacket, T-shirt, Boots : LIU JO


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