Surfin’ Usa : San Diego, the trip greatest surprise !

So where was I ?

Oh right ! We were in Vegas !

While I enjoyed doing pretty much nothing in Las Vegas, my boyfriend has an uncle living in San Diego and as I had never set foot in San Diego, we thought it will be the perfect opportunity to road trip there, before Los Angeles.

So we took the road in the morning and this time I actually was able to enjoy the view of … nothing, because it’s the desert, but if you’ re a movie fan, it will give you great Telma & Louise feelings (minus the end …)

Aside from the fact that there was the biggest car crash on the other side of road, it was a super nice drive.

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We got to San Diego and went to the bf’s uncle’s right away, in the town of Escondido (that I would always pronounce with a big Spanish accent, yes, it’s annoying.). Escondido is in the heights of San Diego, the view is breathtaking and so is the heat.  But I came to California to fry so that was okay.

We had our own guest house, which, this time, made me feel like I was in 90210.

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So, what is there to do in San Diego ?!

Let’s start with Coronado Island ! And that big ass bridge that looks like a landing runway for an A380.

Coronado is a part military island so you can cross navy seals jogging (shirtless) or training on the beach right next where you are tanning. The beach is gigantic, so no way you will feel crowded as we do South of France.

You can also admire some beautiful houses and a big hotel that was seen in Baywatch !

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Next, Balboa Park ! Probably my favorite place in San Diego ! This park is simply amazing, with an architecture like I’ve never seen before. Just get lost in it, you could spend the day.

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Then we went to the coolest movie theater ever in, Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas , we booked our tickets online, we could choose our seats, which, as you can see on the picture, were practically beds. I had sushi during the movie, and some amazing popcorn (because what’s a movie without popcorn?)

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We also went to the San Diego Zoo, I’m not gonna lie I loved it when I was there, especially those very old turtles. The guard told us they were already born when Lincoln was President, it was fascinating.

But during the last few years I have developed a rejection of zoos and (especially) marine parks. I already thought when I was there that the lions, elephants and rhinoceros were in such small areas. Especially the elephants, too many on an empty space with nothing to « do », not even run. So this is a place I will not recommend now of course and I will never go back.

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Next stop Las Americas Outlet, close to the Mexican border … it’s huge, in the open which is very nice, and if you are a Levi’s addict like me : basically heaven.

We quickly went downtown, I liked the feeling there, people watching football (or some sports …) in the bars, big buildings like you want to see in the US, but the beaches are what I recommend most.

It’s a general ambiance in San Diego that will make you feel like you are in a small, quiet and beautiful neighborhood, even though you are in a big city. That was really the highlight of this whole trip.

Next stop —> La La Land !

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  1. Ahh those pictures made me wanna go there. So beautiful 😍 Happy that you had a lovely time in San Diego, one day I will go there too cuz the sea is die for 😣😍 Amazing post hun

  2. Balboa park looks really cool! It’s almost got like a little castle in it! My boyfriend works in the section of the cinema which is very similar to that one. We call it Gold Lounge, and you can have hot food and drinks delivered to you during the movie.

  3. Great overview of San Diego. I went there on my California trip as well because my friend has family there. It’s a chill town and we wen to the zoo too. I’m not a fan of zoos anymore so I also wouldn’t go back. Now I just want to see the animals in the wild.

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