RedHead Party – Ed Sheeran in Paris

Two or three years ago, when Mr. Sheeran came to perform in Paris, I acted very zen as usual « don’t stress, you can always find tickers on sale at the last moment on the internet » Result: NOTHING! For the first time in my life, it was impossible for me to find a ticket for a show I really wanted to see. Sadness got hold of me, I crawled at the bottom of a cave (at least) until the album Divide came out. That, when I saw the tour dates, I did not act Zen at all!

The concert was on one of my best friends birthday, who is a fan of Ed Sheeran. We couldn’t miss it ! The four most stressful minutes of 2016, to get 4 tickets : rendez-vous April 6th in Paris.


Rather well placed, here we are on a double date in Bercy, the girls singing and dancing, the boys sitting, mocking us (but in secret, they wereenjoying as much as we were.)

Ed Sheeran seized his guitars, which he changed with each song, almost alone on stage for an hour and a half (a pianist came on stage at one point …) and that’s it. The show was full acoustic mode, with this little machine on the feet (you know, you play, you record and it loops while you play something else, if anyone has the name…).


The atmosphere was absolutely fantastic, making nearly 20,000 people vibrates by being alone on stage, and without any dance talent on the horizon, it’s a performance. My little pleasure is always when the public sings instead of the singer (why would I pay 50 € for this? I don’t know, but, I love it.)

My “Nutella”moments : Dive, Bloodstream, I See Fire, Thinking Out Loud, Sing & Shape of You

My girl had a great birthday, we had a great night, we trashed our lungs singing and a week later we were still wondering: where did you spend last week?

So, what are your favorite songs from Ed Sheeran?

I am writing the setlist after these videos ->

Setlist :

Castle On The Hill


The A Team

Don’t/New Man




Galway Girl

How Would You Feel

Human/I See Fire

Supermarket Flowers


Nancy Mulligan

Thinking Out Loud


Shape of You

You Need Me, I Don’t Need You

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