My first video !! Lush’s Cup O Coffee

So, that was quite something !

Ok, I’ve been watching tutorials for years on YouTube and Instagram, and it always seems simple and effcient. And since i’ve been giving skincare and makeup a try for about a year I really wanted to try making videos.

I’m not really comfortable showing myself without makeup, even less on video so I thought it would be a good therapy thing.

I had no idea how difficult and time consuming it was to film and edit a video properly ! I only had my camera, but I soon realized I also needed a good light, a good focus, a good background, a good software…

I purchased a few things from amazon, « basics ». I’m kinda happy with how it turned out, even though there are obvious flaws : the lighting is not equal, I look at my computer all the time, but it was a good and fun exercice, although kinda exhausting in the end.

So, I decided to start with something simple, but that I KNOW is GOOD : my favorite ever exfoliating mask : Lush’s Cup O Coffee


Coffee drains and stimulates your skin which gives it a special glow. Also the grains exfoliate your skin and you will feel a difference right away : Soft skin, clean and luminous.

I usually do not use masks under my eyes but as coffee is very good for the circulation it helps erase my dark circles.

This mask is perfect once a week, twice if I feel my skin is too dirty from pollution and makeup. The mask also works miracle on the body, but I’m honestly too lazy to do this haha

Put it in the fridge, the cold will stimulate  your skin even more when you put it on.


  1. – Apply the mask in very thick layers
  2. – Let it set for 15mn
  3. – Then, with hot water, massage your skin gently to exfoliate. I usually do this in the shower so I can rince the rest easily.
  4. – Use a soft towel to get rid of coffee grains
  5. – Hydrate with your usual day or night cream.

If you have a sensible skin like mine use a serum as the exfoliating can sometimes be hard on your skin.

To hydrate my skin i use a homemade oil made by my best friend which contains :

  • Almond
  • Argan
  • Musky Rose
  • Geranium
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Lavender


  • Organic agave syrup
  • Glycerine
  • Infusion of ground coffee
  • Talc
  • Ground coffee
  • Bentone Gel

Very Important : Lush do NOT test their final products on animals, nor buy their raw materials from suppliers testing on animals.

All products are fresh and homemade.


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15 commentaires sur « My first video !! Lush’s Cup O Coffee »

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve never tried anything by Lush, but I should. I think you did great on your first video – it definitely looks like you know what you’re doing, and I like how you showed the time passing. Cute!


  2. Congrats for your first video you did it amazing so be persistent and don’t give up!! I loved your tips I have to try it too! Thank you so much for share them

  3. Hey Marine!

    I loved your take on this, as well as including a Youtube video. I’ve never tried the product before but I’ve previously tried other coffee-based products so I think I’ll give this one a go!



  4. Coffee has benefits more than just waking you up in the morning? I love it! Such natural ingredients and I really like that it is a cruelty-free product:)

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