Lipstick favorites : The Liquid Mattes

Raise your hand if you are a lipstick addict !

« Your lipstick still hasn’t move » is a sentence I hear a lot after a day, lunch or dinner with my friends: my secret ? Liquid Matte Lipsticks of course!

I haven’t done a beauty article in a while, because I’ve been focusing on trying to make decent videos lately. But since it’s not that easy and I didn’t want to leave this place empty, here I go!

The obsession with matte lipstick is all over your Instagram feed and liquid mattes are totally slaying the game. All our favorite brands are getting they own line and our brains are exploding with wild ranges of colors.

But the trouble with choosing the right brand is real! Especially if the home of Sephora doesn’t sell them. Is the formula good? Does it last? Does it dry the lips? And many more.

So, I’m going to try answering those questions while giving the names of my favorites brand for matte lipstick. Of course, I haven’t tried ALL of the brands out there. But the main ones definitely.

Here we go:

First of all, a little beauty tip: Scrub your lips about once a week and hydrate overtime you’re about to put on lipstick. Especially matte and metallic ones since they have a tendency to dry your mouth, you don’t want to put these on already dry enough lips.

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Lime Crime:

There’s no way you can’t find the color of your dream on Lime Crime, they have pretty much everything. Lipsticks are very easy to apply, the colors are exactly what you see on their website, they last very long during your day and the prices are surprisingly affordable. They also have regular sales which is even better. My favorite shade so far: « Lulu » a perfect nude, not too blend, I usually wear it with a blue shirt and it matches perfectly.


Huda Beauty:

Pretty sure you heard about Huda Beauty before. It took so long to have them in France that I actually went on the opening day at Sephora Champs-Elysées to buy a couple of lipsticks. It was hell, I had to QUEUE, but worth it. The formula is a bit more liquid than the other mattes you will find on the market, but it makes it heaven to apply on the lips. The colors are popping. I can’t chose just one color so here are my favorites: Bombshell (which is Huda’s fav too), Icon and Heartbreaker. They last long, but because of the fact that they are « thinner » on the lips, you will need a touch up after lunch 😉


Kylie Cosmetics:

Whether you are a Kardashian/Jenner fan doesn’t matter here, Kylie Cosmetics Lipkits are the BEST ! First: the packaging, you never want to throw away your boxes. Then, it smells so delicious you could eat them! Finally, they last soooo long, all day long, you can eat, drink, kiss or anything, they will NOT-MOVE. Even better if you use the lip liner before, but even without this, they are perfect.

The only downside: the shipping and taxes when you are not in the US. The lipkits by themselves are not that expensive if you compare them to Anastasia Beverly Hills and Huda, that are sold almost the same price without the lip liner. But the shipping will kill you, haha. I recommend doing what I do: Buy some with a friend and share the expenses. Also, Kylie sometimes offers shipping when the order is above 60$ so it’s worth it.

My favorite colors are: Kristen, Koko K, & Leo for the mattes. But I’ll probably do an article just about the brand, so much to say now …


That’s all folks! Hope this article helped you choose your next must-have. There are plenty other brands that I’m still discovering so I may have more recommendations coming for you later !



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29 commentaires sur « Lipstick favorites : The Liquid Mattes »

  1. If I didn’t control myself, I would probably go broke over lipstick and lipgloss. I am still on the search for the perfect nude.

  2. I’ve been getting into lipstick a lot more lately. I’ve yet to find a true red color that I love. I haven’t tried Huda Beauty or Kylie. But I really want to give Huda a try sometime soon!

  3. Never heard these brands. But they look so so much fun. Next time I buy, think I wanna try lime crime. Cute name 🙂

  4. I have never really worn long lasting lipsticks for the exact reason that I find them very drying. I guess it’s time to try again with these great options around!

    1. They do dry your lips that’s why I recommend hydrating a lot before. Huda for example is less drying than the 2 others if you want to give it a try

  5. Maybe next time you can do a video about this type of lipstick. From a marketing point of view 🙂 Also, I must admit that I love it when my fiancee wears it…it’s just pure sexiness 🙂

  6. I’ve tried Huda and loved it! I’ll also give a try to Lime Crime since you say they’re super long lasting! Anything that comes from the Kardashian family is a no-no for me lol!

  7. I’ve been skeptical about LimeCrime given the controversy around it, but from what I’ve heard the products are good. I haven’t tried any of these before, but I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills, NYX lip lingeries and Morphe Liquid Lipsticks!

  8. I definitely jumped on the Kylie bandwagon real quick. I love the colors. I’m excited to try the velvet ones. Have you tried colourpop? Much cheaper, but still great quality.

  9. Oh my! I can relate so much! I can leave the house without doing my brows but I can never leave without a lipstick! And you got it right– Kylie, Huda and Limecrime ❤️❤️

  10. I would like to try these Kylie lip kits one day💫🙈 but to be honest I’m not such a fan of using lip products because my mouth is small & I don’t like how it looks like.

  11. Oh I love lipsticks 💖 And I have tried huda beauty they are perfect mattes.
    I really want to order kylie lipsticks or lip crime .. but don’t know if they offer international shipping to India. Do you have any idea?

  12. Hey great article! Well written and I love the picture. I am a lipstick addict and this is great advice. I also need to try Huda Beauty and the Kylie lipkits.

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