Christmas Tree 2017 – The Making Of !

‘Tis the season to be jolly !

It’s officially Christmas season, at least for me, and it makes me very happy so I thought it would be a great time to come back around here.

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New York : A guide to your first visit

If there’s one city in the world that I miss regularly is New York.

The city is filled with an energy that I always find difficult to explain, but which personally gives me wings.

My few visits over the years have allowed me to gather a list of some addresses, good plans and essentials, which you must absolutely do on your first visit. So here they are:

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Beauty Test : Kardashian Beauty Hair

My hair obssesion.

You don’t have to be Kardashian fan to be curious and try out their products. I was clicking through a beauty website about a year ago when I came across the « dry conditioner » from Kardashian Beauty Hair. Since my hair texture is dry on the end but tends to be greasy at the roots, I thought a dry conditioner would be a good alternative.

I can’t live without it since.


So when I saw there were sales for the whole hair line, I thought I should give it a try since I loved my dry conditioner so much.

I chose : Rejuvenating Shampoo, Rejuvenating Conditioner, liquid hydration mask, Elixir Intense Repair Treatment and Dry Cumin Oil.

What you have to know before I give my final opinion : The main ingredient is Black Seed Oil and the products are paraben free. I used to do a deep conditioner L’Oréal mask every time I washed my hair  because I have very dry ends and I had to wash my hair every day because it would be greasy at the end of the day.

What Now ?

My hair has radically changed since I’ve been using the products. It’s smoother, lighter & brighter. I don’t need to wash it every day anymore, I guess the paraben in my usual products made my roots greasy, maybe it’s a technique so I use more product and buy more ? I don’t know but I used to fear « the next day » and now it’s gone.

My ends are much less dry, they’re soft, and not only after the shampoo but also the day after. I can only wash my hair 2/3 times a week now opposed to 5/6 even 7 sometimes !


What was my hair routine before :

I would use L’Oréal Color Vive Shampoo, L’Oréal total repair 5 mask and before blow drying I’d put some L’Oréal Huile Miraculeuse on my ends. My hair was looking ok but, as I said, at the end of just one day it would be very dry at the end and greasy at the roots.

What is my hair routine now :

Kardashian Hair Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner, once a week I use the Hydration Mask instead of the conditioner. Before blow drying I put some elixir intense repair, just a few drop. And after blow dry, if needed some dry oil.

At first, and especially with the elixir, I thought my hair would get even more greasy than before, but not at all, the dry oil makes it just soft enough to last at least 2 full days.

On the next I will still use some dry conditioner to keep it smooth.

Big plus : it smells incredible, and they all smell the same.

The downside is that these products are not cheap, but you honestly don’t need much to correctly wash your hair. I don’t know about other countries but in France we have regular sales on this products on a website called « Ventes-Privées » so this is how I will stock up from now on.

If you have any question about the products or if you decided to try them let me know in the comment section !


Why you should do yoga


A mystery for some, a physical activity for others, a lifestyle for a few. In brief, it’s up to you. That’s what I love with yoga: you can approach it the way you like it. In any case, that’s a time to take for yourself, a time to breathe (but not exclusively!), a time to empty your mind (without necessarily achieving the nirvana 😉 ) and a time to enjoy, simply.

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Lipstick favorites : The Liquid Mattes

Raise your hand if you are a lipstick addict !

« Your lipstick still hasn’t move » is a sentence I hear a lot after a day, lunch or dinner with my friends: my secret ? Liquid Matte Lipsticks of course!

I haven’t done a beauty article in a while, because I’ve been focusing on trying to make decent videos lately. But since it’s not that easy and I didn’t want to leave this place empty, here I go!

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Back To The 90s

I can’t be the only one who, since she hears « fashion always comes back » wonders when the 90s will finally have circled behind the dark side of the moon and will come back among us. And finally, here we are !

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My first video !! Lush’s Cup O Coffee

So, that was quite something !

Ok, I’ve been watching tutorials for years on YouTube and Instagram, and it always seems simple and effcient. And since i’ve been giving skincare and makeup a try for about a year I really wanted to try making videos.

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