Carnevale di Venezia

.. And that’s where my Italian knowledge ends.

For my first time in Venice I had the chance to attend the last weekend of the carnival!

We got, the boyfriend and I, as a Christmas gift, a long weekend in Venice. I can hear you say « wouuuh romantic ». Not that much since we left with his family. Which does not take away the fact that we had a great time all of us together!

An EasyJet ride on a Thursday night and here we are in Italy! We stayed in a small hotel outside of Venice. From the outside it looked like an old hostel straight out of a horror movie, but the interior was really excellent! Modern, bright and with a breakfast full of pastries and fresh juices to die for!

A little gray on the first day, and sunshine for the rest of the weekend, we got lost in the streets, without cars, full of costumes, the whole time we stayed!

I can’t pretend to give you good deals and addresses since this was my first trip to Venice, however I can tell you that this was a destination that wasn’t on my list « must see » list, I wanted to go to Florence’, but it was a very pleasant surprise! You can add it on your lists!

We still enjoyed a lovely afternoon, just both of us, visiting the Doge’s Palace, and I DO have a deal for you: If you travel there during the carnival, it is the perfect time to visit the palace: is empty ! The crowd being concentrated on St. Mark’s Square, the palace was more than calm, which we, of course, appreciated.

For the anecdote, it was impossible to find the entrance for the visit, none of us speaks Italian, so I sent an alarming message to my girlfriend Clo, and now, thanks to her, I can say « Per visitare It Palazzo Ducale, per favore. Grazie!  » What ? I took Spanish and don’t you tell me it’s the same!

A prolific little shopping, I will write an article about it later, pizzas, pastas, seafood, Spritz, is it cliché? Certainly … But so good.

No need to write a novel about it, the pictures speak for themselves!

Special mention to Donald Trans, not quite in the theme, but hilarious !

A presto ! –>


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  1. I didn’t know there was a carnival in Venice. Thanks for sharing that. Beautiful pics, the costumes and architecture are great. Seem you had a photo squad with you lol. Trump was icing on the cake hahaha

  2. Your pictures are beautiful. This brought back so many great memories of my time in Venice a few years ago. It’s so lovely there and you captured this perfectly through your photos and this post. I would love to see a post on the food that you ate and the restaurants you visited =)

  3. What a beautiful photos! I was in Venice last year in spring and really liked it! Hopefully once I will visit it again when is the time of carnival. I also recommend a visit of colorful Burano island 🙂

    1. ooh i really wanted to go to Burano but not enough time (and family too big haha) But I definitely will go again, thx for the tip !

  4. Great photos. I feel so jealous. Venice Carnival is one of my dreams. It must be hilarious with all these costumes and masks.

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