Back To The 90s

I can’t be the only one who, since she hears « fashion always comes back » wonders when the 90s will finally have circled behind the dark side of the moon and will come back among us. And finally, here we are !

Although many have in horror these high waist jeans and strapless dresses stacked on white t-shirts, on my part, the nostalgia for the 90s is real. And in these days, it is more than satisfied!

What if I tell you now what are my best memories of the 90s? Ok, I was young, but still …


We are not going to argue that this is the best sitcom that ever existed, and that every year we’ve been praying for a reunion, which is never going to happen. I know every line, I get 100% at all Facebook quizzes and Chandler is not just a character, it’s a way of life.

636005873017688872-1784786376_friends pic

The Spice Girls

Some have known the Beatlemania, and well, I am very proud to have known the  Spice Girls Mania (I did not say that it was as good…). Girl power, peace sign, platform shoes, two ponytails (I was Baby Spice) all that stuff

Michael Jackson

Because that’s when I discovered him and no matter which « best of » I will write, I will always find a way to put him in, I challenge you!


The Supermodels !

Cindy, Claudia, Naomi, Linda and others. In the 90s the models became Supermodels and magazines began to quote their names and all that without social networks.

Neve Campbell.

Because Neve IS the 90s.


So much for my list! Let’s move on to the inspired look of this period (certainly not the last). Photoshoot fast and efficient with my best friend at the Cité Universitaire in Paris for some « The Craft » or « Cruel Intentions » vibes.

Visite my friend Natouchka facebook page here :


Dress and Jacket : Xetra

Chocker : Urban Outfitters

Necklace : Custom made

Shoes : Doc Marten’s

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  1. Who could possibly forget doc martens and the choker necklace! Lol. I have seen the choker quite a bit lately:) I don’t think I know anyone that didn’t love Friends, great show.

  2. Great photos, and yes, I am a 90s kid. I must admit that I had other 90s shows that I found better than friends, but I agree that Neve Campbell was the 90s scream queen; I mean come on, the Scream trilogy is one of my favorites.

  3. Fashion keeps returning with a touch of modernization to it. A hint of current times, blended with old times and there you have a new style, said one of my stylist friends.

    1. A friend of mine took the pic, she’s a photographer. I usually have someone with me when taking outside pics. But I’m sure you can do good by yourself !

  4. Such a great post 😂😂 also why was everything in 90’s inflatable! I would 100% have an inflatable sofa for the garden! Love your outfit to. I had this dress in the 90’s. Mine was red and I wore it south black pic shiny boots!! Was my fav outfit as a child.
    Thanks for sharing a great, nostalgic post xxx

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