Lipstick favorites : The Liquid Mattes

Raise your hand if you are a lipstick addict !

« Your lipstick still hasn’t move » is a sentence I hear a lot after a day, lunch or dinner with my friends: my secret ? Liquid Matte Lipsticks of course!

I haven’t done a beauty article in a while, because I’ve been focusing on trying to make decent videos lately. But since it’s not that easy and I didn’t want to leave this place empty, here I go!

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Back To The 90s

I can’t be the only one who, since she hears « fashion always comes back » wonders when the 90s will finally have circled behind the dark side of the moon and will come back among us. And finally, here we are !

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Trip to Arcachon ?

Let me take you away

With my boyfriend’s 30th birthday a week before my 29th, I honestly didn’t even realize I was entering my last twenty-something year. Probably for the best. But the good part is that we planned weeks ago to go see my dad in Arcachon and we jumped on the occasion to invite our friends and my bf’s family.

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My first video !! Lush’s Cup O Coffee

So, that was quite something !

Ok, I’ve been watching tutorials for years on YouTube and Instagram, and it always seems simple and effcient. And since i’ve been giving skincare and makeup a try for about a year I really wanted to try making videos.

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RedHead Party – Ed Sheeran in Paris

Two or three years ago, when Mr. Sheeran came to perform in Paris, I acted very zen as usual « don’t stress, you can always find tickers on sale at the last moment on the internet » Result: NOTHING! For the first time in my life, it was impossible for me to find a ticket for a show I really wanted to see. Sadness got hold of me, I crawled at the bottom of a cave (at least) until the album Divide came out. That, when I saw the tour dates, I did not act Zen at all!

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